3 Hardware Gadgets that Every Graphic Designer Needs

Being a Graphic Designer is highly skilled work and as long as you have the right gear, your work is also highly portable and can be taken wherever you go. You will probably be set up to work from home, and when a client calls you to meet them in the coffee shop, this is what you will need.

1. The Apple iPad

With your iPad pro you are ready to go, literally anywhere that your job takes you.

The Apple iPad Pro can go with you to every meeting and is the right size to be easily portable and showcase all your work. It is light weighing less than 750 grams and fitting into a handbag or satchel. When you are at home you can attach it to a keyboard, and it has so many functions that it is a really versatile hardware gadget to showcase your work and to demonstrate your skills to the prospective client.

2. The Right Photoshop Software

Graphic Design is a visual medium, and to ensure that your message will be properly interpreted you will need Adobe Creative Cloud Software and Adobe Photoshop. When using your work to apply advertising strategies the software is essential, and a lot cheaper than it once was. New versions are released often making your life as a Graphic Designer much easier. In the old days, you would have had a pen and ink to draw little sketches advertising various products and creating catchy cartoons for the client. Graphic design as we know it started in the UK in 1849 when Henry Cole organized the Great Exhibition to celebrate industrial technology. Adobe Creative Cloud Software will save a lot of time, and allow you to create various versions and outcomes for the client to choose for his/her advertising campaign. Anything not used can be stored in the Clouds for use in a later campaign, allowing you to build up a collection of creative work in the Cloud Library to use another time.

New designer gadgets are appearing all the time, making Graphic Designers’ work extremely popular. The apps for Adobe Creative Cloud Software are offered on a subscription basis, and as long as you subscribe it will keep being updated regularly.

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3. Digital SLR Camera

Your area of work will usually require taking photographs of either people or products, and you will need the best camera to capture the perfect shot. The new cameras have higher resolutions and depth options. Some people take photos on their phones, however, the images are much clearer on the Digital SLR Camera. The single-lens reflex camera combines optics and mechanism with a digital imaging sensor bringing greater clarity to the image. Digital SLRs are always chosen by professional photographers. The right camera will enhance your quality of work and used for capturing:

  • Pictures of food plates for restaurants
  • Child and baby clothing
  • Up-close makeup shots
  • Cars
  • Garden photography in great detail
  • Resorts and Venues
  • Appliances


These are just a few hardware gadgets that the Graphic Designer needs to enhance the quality of work and without them, the quality of your work won’t be good enough.